The body has an amazing capacity to heal...

we can help with that.

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Element is a “one stop shop” for health and wellness, serving the community of Golden and beyond.

The Body has an amazing capacity to heal. We can assist that through exercise, manual therapy, massage or needling to encourage pain-free, strong, flexible, fast and agile movement. Teaching proper movement habits with exercise is essential for repetitive strain or chronic injuries. A knowledgeable and critical eye can teach new functional patterns to ease stress on overloaded structures.

Combining conventional and alternative health care practitioners under one roof, we are the only center of its kind in the area. We offer primarily physiotherapy, massage therapy, nutrition consults, custom knee braces, foot orthotics, and a variety of classes and activity groups with our practitioners. With this integrated approach, we are changing the face of allied health care in Golden and beyond.

Physiotherapist manipulating a foot

Offering primarily physiotherapy and massage therapy, Element Therapeutics also offers nutrition consults, custom knee braces, foot orthotics, and a variety of other therapies and services from visiting practitioners.

Element team

Our practitioners have a variety of skills and years of experience, and we want to help you feel your best. Whether you are an athlete with an injury, or just want to feel more independent and energetic, we are here for you.

Online booking made easy

We're more than happy to book your appointment in person or over the phone. But hands-down the best way for you to see all your appointment options is by booking online. If you've never booked online, and need help setting it up, we'd be happy to talk you through it.


“I recommend wholeheartedly this holistic, comprehensive approach to healing that several different practitioners can offer for one problem. I think this collaborative model now available in one location, is a great service for Golden.”

Friendly front office staff and great massage therapists. Online booking and automatic reminders before appointments are a bonus!

“As an avid aging athlete, I tend to ignore the warning signs, finding myself managing injuries frequently. Since moving to Golden 10 years ago, Stan has been my physiotherapist. The clinic offers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You know you are in good hands the minute you walk in.”

I went to see Mike earlier this year for a super weird, niggling pain in my foot that was causing me to limp after being on it too long. Not great with a summer of planned hiking ahead of me!

Mike was superb: he diagnosed the issue perfectly and helped me build back the strength I needed to get back on my feet again. Highly recommend.
Now, bring me those mountains!

Leanne was awesome. Her acupuncture has really helped my lower back pain. Thank you.

“After getting hit by a car cycling in the spring of 2013, my visits with Stan have been very frequent. Stan has managed to not only heal my pain and injuries, but more importantly, keep me going enjoying an active quality of life, which is so crucial for someone like me. The last thing I want to hear, is to be told to stop running, biking or skiing! Knowing this, Stan understand and knows how to keep me active, returning to a high performance standard of physical fitness.”

“For over a decade, both Stan and Stephen have helped me recover from shoulder and knee injuries/ surgeries. I trust them to provide me with progressive and caring treatments. They listen, are encouraging, and have been creative and adaptable in helping me through my recovery challenges. As experienced and passionate outdoor athletes, they understand how it important it is for me to get back to doing the activities I love.”