stan metcalfe

Owner, Physiotherapist, Acupuncture

Stan Metcalfe has been in Golden since 2003. He graduated with a BScPT (Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy) from the University of Alberta school of Rehabilitation Medicine in 1996.
Shortly after, Stan moved from Alberta to BC to study under Canada’s leading educators in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, such as Erl Pettman and Diane Lee. Stan has completed many Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Courses, and after a couple years of focused training he achieved a Fellowship with the Canadian Academy of Manual Therapists. Stan has also published an award winning research paper about the effect of spinal manipulation on muscle strength.

In 2010 Stan was accredited by the Canadian Acupuncture Foundation. With the initial learning of anatomical acupuncture, a new understanding of the human function has developed. Recently Stan has begun working with the kids of Golden and is the local physio for the TREKK program – Therapeutic Rehabilitation for East Kootenay Kids. This new focus on the dynamic abilities of children has rekindled old techniques of neuromuscular activation.

Stan understands that there are many explanations for pain or weakness. Often persistent problems exist because several contributing factors are involved. He uses your innate ability to heal to guide his treatments. He may help your body heal by activating weak areas, lengthening tight areas, providing protection or rest, or use acupuncture to remove blockages or stagnancy.

The ski industry has provided work combined with play and Stan is away skiing for part of the winters. The mountains have allowed a balance between professional, recreational and home lives.

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