stephen dykes

Stephen Dykes graduated from the University of London (England) with a Bachelor of Sports Science and Biology (joint honors) in 1983. He then graduated from the School of Physiotherapy, University Hospital of Wales in 1988. Having spent a good chunk of his life checking-out various places, in 1998 he settled on Golden as his ‘ideal’ place to live and raise and family.

Since moving to Canada in 1990, Stephen has completed 524 hours of post- graduate physiotherapy education, mainly in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, including lower back pain, neck, shoulder and thoracic pain, as well as sports related injuries. Spinal manipulations have been a mainstay of his treatments since 1998. Staying up to date on the latest research by regularly reading physiotherapy journals and current articles is at the core of Stephen’s practice.

Coming from an athletic background, Stephen retains a keen interest in sport, sports conditioning, sport related injuries, and stretching. He is passionate about educating patients and the public, and aims to help you be the healthiest you can be.

Sport has been a central pillar in Stephen’s life. Eating and breathing rugby from the age of 12, he played premier rugby in England, and National Division rugby in Italy. Due to the “amazing” trail system in Golden, he recently started cross-country mountain bike riding and trail running. Naturally, he hikes, scrambles, and backcountry skis in the mountains, when time permits. As an active member of the Nordic Ski Club in Golden and an avid telemark skier, Stephen often volunteers his time running dry land training, injury prevention programs, and ski season prep activities.


  • University of London, Bachelor of Sports Science and Biology (joint honours), 1983
  • University Hospital of Wales, School of Physiotherapy, 1988
  • Element Therapeutics, 2015-preseent
  • Golden Fitness for Life/Injury Reduction Program, 2013-present
  • Golden Physiotherapy, Clinic Owner, 1999-2014
  • Campbell River Physiotherapy, 1997-1999
  • Corner Brook Physiotherapy, 1993-1997
Stephen was spotted on top of the Brandenburg Gate dressed in a toga on New Years Eve ’89
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