Breath, Core, Pelvic floor

What is the pelvic floor? Why is it important? Should I do kegels? Is leaking when I cough/sneeze/jump/run a normal part of aging? How does this relate to my back pain? Why is breathing part of this? Is my core working properly?

If you want the answers to these questions and many more, consider joining the “Breath, Core, Pelvic floor” class in May.  This is a safe place for women to learn about, discuss, and practice breathing exercises, core muscle strengthening, and pelvic floor awareness.

Classes are every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm at the studio above Element Therapeutics.  This is a small group class that requires pre-registration ($100 for the series), so sign up ASAP to reserve your spot! Email ac.scitueparehttnemele@eitsirk for more info or to register.