Injury Reduction Program

led by Stephen Dykes, PT

Tues 6:15pm & Thurs 7:00pm at Lady Grey Elementary School


Stephen has been facilitating this valuable fitness program for over 2 years. It is open to anyone over 10 years old, of all fitness levels and sport preferences. It is not sport specific – anyone can benefit from this program, athlete or otherwise.

The injury reduction program started with the kids in GKHAT, and then started to expand to other sporting groups. Now, it is widely attended by men, women and teens of varying ages and fitness levels.

This program focusses on balance, proprioception, core strength, movement control, as well as general cardiovascular and strength training. It is set up in a circuit format, using approximately 50 different exercises involving the foam roller, ball, bosu, bench, weights, etc.

Stephen is available for guidance and instruction, but this is mostly a self-led routine. The intensity of the program is up to you.

Something to note: this is not an injury rehabilitation program. There are qualified physiotherapists at Element Therapeutics to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve to recover from an injury.