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Our approach

We are a client centered organization. We listen to you, work with you to make a plan to improve your physical health. With a wide variety of techniques and skills to choose from, we make a plan for your best recovery possible. We use a mix of hands on treatment, exercise, dry needling, and client education amongst other tools to help restore you to your healthiest self.

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All our services, under one roof

At Element, we provide a wide range of services to help with many aspects of your health. Each service complements the other, and we work together to ensure you are feeling your best.


Hands-on manipulation, strengthening exercises, stretching, dry needling, acupuncture, and client education are all part of what we offer under the umbrella of physiotherapy.

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Our practitioners use a variety of techniques including deep tissue and relaxation massage, myofascial release and cupping, craniosacral therapy and hot stone massage.

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Registered Dietitian

You are what you eat! Our registered dietitian provides relevant scientific information on food and human nutrition to promote and maintain health. We create a plan to set healthy eating habits.

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Custom Orthotics

Our visiting Pedorthist is trained and very experienced in the assessment, design, manufacture, fit, and modification of custom foot orthotic devices (orthoses). To book a time for custom orthotics, contact our office.

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Brace Fitting & Retail

We offer a variety of rehabilitation products such as braces, foot beds, splints, taping supplies, and a selection of exercise equipment. If you need a custom brace, we'll figure out what you need, and will custom fit it for you.

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Our Yoga Space

While we don't offer in-house yoga instruction, we do have a beautiful space that we provide for local yoga practitioners. There are always classes going on, so check back often for schedules and practitioner details.

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Our Ethos - Why we do what we do

We love Golden.

From skiing high up in the alpine, to enjoying the Kicking Horse River in the valley below, there is something for everyone in Golden. This tight knit community is our home, and we want to make it a better place.

We're passionate about helping you.

Our practitioners have a variety of skills and years of experience, and we want to help you feel your best. Whether you are an athlete with an injury, or just want to feel more independent and energetic, we are here for you. At Element, we want you to feel comfortable, receive excellent treatment, and leave with a better understanding of your body.

We are dedicated to working together.

Having all of your practitioners under one roof ensures communication, continuity, and complete care. Our integrative approach means you get the best of alternative and conventional health, in one location. We respect and celebrate our differences, and see our team as a mosaic of skill and background providing you with an element of choice.