Custom Brace Fitting & Retail

Custom Brace Fitting

Custom braces are made for your size, leg shape, and specific activity needs. Whether it is for arthritis or a ligament instability, knee braces can offer protection from future injury and help you remain active while healing. Unloader braces for OA can significantly reduce pain and prevent further wear and tear on the joint by reducing load on damaged part of the knee. Ligament stability braces are recommended for knee injuries and post-surgery. A thorough assessment by your physiotherapist can help determine the type of brace and features that are needed for your condition.

The first appointment includes the measurements and feature choice, and a follow up appointment is required for fitting and instruction on how to properly put on the brace.

Retail Products & Support Products/Braces

Element therapeutics offers a variety of rehabilitation products such as braces, foot beds, splints, taping supplies, pain relief modalities, and a selection of exercise equipment.

Knee Braces

Custom braces are recommended with high level athletics and multidirectional knee instability. They are sometimes used in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

We supply custom fit knee braces from Don Joy and Ossur.

Other Braces & Equipment

We have a wide variety of over the counter supports for every part of the body. Our informed staff can help you in a selection of off-the-shelf bracing. If it’s not in stock, we can order from a wide range of suppliers such as: