Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Guidelines

November 5, 2019

written by Kristie Norquay, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist   The intention of this post is to give all women a basic understanding of their pelvic floor and core system, as well as other important considerations for exercise and activity in pregnancy…

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Persistent Pain – Part Two

October 1, 2019

Part Two: What To Do About It   written by Kristie Norquay, physiotherapist Physiotherapy is a profession that strives to help people enjoy health & wellness for the long haul.  We are trained to help with general exercise recommendations, diagnosis…

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Persistent Pain – Part One

September 19, 2019

Part One: Pain Explanations written by Kristie Norquay, physiotherapist Pain can be a tricky thing. It’s very complex, especially persistent or chronic pain. Treating acute pain/injury is very different than treating chronic pain.  The whole pain system is much more…

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An alternative approach to chronic pain

June 30, 2016

Chronic pain is a complicated process.  Any time pain lasts longer than “expected” (ex. beyond typical tissue healing time) it is considered chronic or persistent pain. Pain is designed to be a protective mechanism during acute trauma or a threatening…

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It’s “hip” to be “aware”!

April 12, 2015

A physio-yoga approach to HIPS! Hips are the largest joints in our bodies. The muscles surrounding the hips are important for stabilizing as we move through our activities, and can play a role in back pain and knee pain if…

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